Author Lawrence Taylor
Setting Sail

Setting Sail

Category Non-fiction, Sailing

It’s not the impossible dream, after all. Not even if you’re broke and support a family.

Here’s a book that will help you to make that fabulous dream – to rove the farthest reaches of the globe, aboard your own seagoing yacht – come true!

Lawrence Taylor supplies common-sense, practical advice for the person with wanderlust: sell your home; live aboard your boat for a year, paying it off with mortgage or rent money; master it, and master sailing and living in close quarters before you start…and then go!

Taylor leads you through the complexities of boat selection and purchase, safety, planning, selecting gear, navigation, ship’s stores, finance (with chapter on earning a living while cruising!), and every other problem you can imagine, right down to your children’s education at sea.

Over and over, he emphasizes that there is nothing to stop you. You can rove the high seas, drop anchor at secluded tropical beaches, visit the ends of the earth – if you wish.

You can learn seamanship; learn to repair your boat and equipment; learn to live comfortably in close quarters. You can learn marketable skills that will earn cash anywhere on the earth, and especially in the remotest backwaters.

There’s a wealth of detail here: names and addresses galore to help you get launched. And a solid answer for every objection and question the skeptic can raise. His answers will astonish you, and open the vistas of your live – forever.