Author Lawrence Taylor
Drunk Driving Defense, 8th Edition

Drunk Driving Defense, 8th Edition

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For even the most seasoned DUI lawyers defending drunk driving cases has always presented special challenges. Today, mounting a successful drunk driving defense is more difficult than ever. That's why DWI attorneys rely on Drunk Driving Defense.


Written by Lawrence Taylor and Steven Oberman, Drunk Driving Defense is generally considered to be the standard-bearing reference in the field.

Clear explanations of key scientific and technological issues for DUI lawyers

Drunk Driving Defense ensures that you understand the chemical, biological and technological concepts and issues underlying drunk driving defense and prosecution. Rely on expert DUI lawyers Taylor and Oberman to bring you up to speed in key areas including:

  • The key defects inherent in blood and breath analysis and testing.
  • The correlation between blood alcohol concentration and actual impairment.
  • The effects of stress and cold weather on alcohol absorption.
  • How fermentation of the blood sample may raise blood alcohol levels.
  • The effect of acetone in breath tests taken by diabetics and dieters.
  • Possible errors in breath analysis due to RFI (radio frequency interference).
  • The effect of trauma from an automobile accident on alcohol elimination
  • Dozens of Practical DWI attorney tools to streamline and simplify drunk driving defense preparation
  • Drunk Driving Defense, Sixth Edition contains dozens of practical tools to streamline and simplify the complexDUI defense process. And now, they are all included on a free bonus DWI Lawyer Resources CD-ROM so you can locate, review, and print them out in a matter of seconds, including:
  • Dozens of quick-reference checklists to help DUI lawyers avoid critical missteps.
  • Sample drunk driving defense motions including those to help DUI lawyers to facilitate discovery, appoint chemical experts, and suppress blood alcohol evidence.
  • More than 150 pages of verbatim direct and DWI attorney cross testimony and statements.
  • Sample arrest reports, instrument instructions and other forms use by police agencies.
  • Comprehensive DWI attorney-client interview questionnaires for DUI lawyers.
  • Detailed operator's manuals for the most current blood alcohol testing equipment: including the Intoxilyzer 8000.

  • Reviews
"An objective, practical, highly readable and thoroughly comprehensive text.... While written plainly enough to be understood by a novice, the book contains technical information that even the most experienced drunk driving defense lawyer will find useful." - The Champion (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers)
"A readable and concise practical guide" - The Defender
" the reader practical information by supplying checklists, motions, forms and examples of witness examinations. These materials are invaluable...Taylor has done a splendid job. The book is mandatory reading..." - North Dakota Law Review
"A thorough and well-organized treatise...a valuable resource for the prosecution as well as the defense" - Prosecutor's Brief (California District Attorney's Association)
"Primarily geared toward defense counsel, but is equally useful to prosecutors" - Criminal Justice Policy Review
"How to handle the DUI case from pre-trial through trial and post-trial stages" - American Bar Association Journal
"Well written, clear, concise and understandable" - Chicago Daily Law Bulletin