Author Lawrence Taylor
California Drunk Driving Defense

California Drunk Driving Defense

Category Law textbook

Step-by-step instruction through procedure and approach in defense of a drunk driving case in California. Outlines what to anticipate and how to prepare for DUI/DWI pretrial and trial proceedings. Includes suggestions on methods to challenge the intoxilyzer and intoximeter as well as blood and urine analyses. Details sample cross-examinations and tasks for cross-examination of the chemical expert and the arresting officer. Information on sentencing and license suspension and revocation. Includes sample forms.




  • Discussion on field evidence and the arresting officer
  • Effective methods for cross-examining expert witnesses
  • Examination of the elements of the drunk driving offense
  • Explores options and approach when using civilian witnesses
  • Methods for successfully attacking prior convictions
  • Methods for suppression of evidence
  • Overview and analysis of drunk driving cases in California
  • Techniques for giving compelling jury instructions


Summary of Contents


  • Part One. Crime and Punishment
    1. Duty of Representation
    2. The Offense
    3. The Sentence
  • Part Two. Administrative License Suspensions
    1. The Administrative Suspension
    2. The Administrative Hearing
  • Part Three. Pretrial
    1. Interview and Arraignment
    2. Discovery
    3. Prior Convictions
    4. Suppression of Evidence
  • Part Four. Trial
    1. Jury Selection and Opening Statement
    2. The Arresting Officer: Field Evidence
    3. The Forensic Chemist: Blood-Alcohol Evidence
    4. Defense Witnesses
    5. Jury Instructions and Argument
  • Appendices
  • Table of Laws and Rules
  • Table of Cases
  • Index

Index to Forms

  • Reviews
"Taylor is one of the best there is on the tactics of DUI practice and the book is full of methods that can work for you." - California DUI Report
"Taylor's patented approach to crossing the cop in a drunk driving case has been termed creating 'the Wedge' and can be regarded as so fundamental that newer drunk driving defense practitioners may not be aware that Taylor was its originator" - The Champion (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers)